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About Humanities Research Cluster

The Humanities Research Cluster was established in UM in early 2009 and is one of six research clusters at the university. Our aim is to enhance a research culture that increases collaboration across centres, faculties and universities locally and internationally and to address crucial issues of the surrounding communities. We strive to elicit and encourage ways of thinking that focus on understanding meaning, purpose, and goals, and explore rich subjective experiences and values. Research at the cluster, therefore, plays a pivotal role in the debates and controversies in society. 


The cluster promotes inter-, multi- and trans-disciplinary relationships using various approaches to examine fundamental and applied issues related to humanity. By doing so, it helps bring about paramount change and real contributions through methods that are primarily philosophical, analytical, critical, speculative, interpretive, ethnographic and pragmatic.


The Humanities’ engagement with a wide range of disciplines and sub-fields of research such as languages and linguistics, literature, education, philosophy, cultural studies, religion, anthropology, philosophy, area studies, communication studies, law, sociology, visual and performing arts, and history opens up avenues of collaboration including with disciplines in the sciences and medicine which lead to a richer understanding of the human condition in contemporary societies. Research thrust areas include interaction between Humanities and the Sciences, comparative and cross-national studies, and the translational functions of the humanities.





























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