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University of Malaya family Research and Development Centre (UMFRDC)



Dr Ghazali Darusalam




Established in 2003 as University Malaya Center for Family Development. In accordance with University Malayastatus as a research university on 11/06/2007, UMCFD was changed to University Malaya Family Research and Development Centre. UMFRDC focus on multidisciplinary research. In addition, UMFRDC also carry out consultations and service collaboration with the public, private and international levels. Mission, Vision and Objectives UMFRDC are as follows:




To be an internationally renowned centre for family research, resource and development




The UMFRDC is committed to promoting and conducting interdisciplinary collaborative research on family processes and development. To using and disseminating research information that enhance the well-being of community and family. To forge alliances/partnership in support of university community and public by translating information gathered on family researchinto enhancement and prevention/intervention programs and national policies.


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